Press release: Smartfish initiates Asian rollout of its consumer health products through a new strategic partnership with Jacobson Pharma


Smartfish AS initiates a rollout of its consumer health nutritional products into new markets in Asia through a new strategic partnership with Jacobson Pharma Group. As a strong sign of commitment to the new partnership, Jacobson Pharma Group recently invested NOK 40 million in Smartfish through a share issue.

Smartfish provides unique nutritional solutions for both medical use and consumer health. The company’s evidence based and tasty nutrition products are based on a proprietary emulsion technology that enables high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, whey protein and other nutrients.

Jacobson Pharma Corporation Limited (Jacobson Pharma), listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange with annual revenues over 1.7 bn HKD, today distributes Smartfish Cream for children’s brain health in Hong Kong. According to the new agreement Jacobson Pharma Group will distribute and market Smartfish’s entire consumer health portfolio in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. The new strategic partnership is initiated by the launch of the products Smartfish Recharge for sport nutrition, Smartfish Reflect for adults’ brain health, Smartfish Resolve for improved metabolism and Smartfish Cream for children’s brain health.

“The Asian markets offer huge growth opportunities for our consumer health products and we are very pleased to strengthen our partnership with Jacobson Pharma. Our recently announced partnership with B. Braun for the global expansion of our medical nutrition products, together with the rollout of our consumer health products in Asia, pave the way for significant value creation in the coming years,” comments Smartfish’s CEO Geir Harstad.

As part of the strengthened collaboration Jacobson Pharma Group recently invested in Smartfish through a share issue. Following the investment, Jacobson Pharma Group has a 9 percent stake in Smartfish.

“We welcome Smartfish’s well documented nutrition products to our consumer health portfolio. We see a great interest in Asia for products that can enhance the capacity of both adults and children, and we believe that our market knowledge, distribution power and network will, together with Smartfish’s technology and development capacity, create important value going forward”, comments Derek Sum, Chairman and CEO, Jacobson Pharma.

For more information, please contact:

Geir Harstad, CEO of Smartfish, tel + 46 763151160

Jens Nordahl, VP Sales & Marketing, tel +47 996 299 99


About Smartfish AS

Smartfish AS is active in the research, development, production and marketing of advanced and clinically documented nutritional drinks within medical nutrition and consumer health including sports nutrition. All Smartfish products are produced on its proprietary juice-based emulsion technology platform with the marine DHA and EPA fatty acids as important ingredients. Smartfish has a number of ongoing clinical development projects and studies in close collaboration with researchers and institutions around the world. The company was founded in 2001 and is located in Oslo, Norway and Lund, Sweden. Smartfish’s main shareholders are Investinor (Norway) and Industrifonden (Sweden). Learn more on www.smartfishnutrition.com

About Jacobson Pharma Group

Jacobson Pharma Group is a leading pharmaceutical group in Hong Kong providing a wide range of pharmaceutical and consumer health products to the healthcare community including hospitals, clinics, physicians, pharmacies and drug stores in the Greater China and Asia Pacific regions. With a clearly defined vision of becoming a leading player in the pharmaceutical and consumer health arena within the Greater China and Asia Pacific regions, Jacobson Pharma is well positioned to capitalize the growth opportunities via the unwavering effort of its dedicated workforce.



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