Recharge Omega-3 can provide long-term reduction in aggression and improved behavior in children

New publication

A new publication in Wiley illustrates that Smartfish Recharge Omega-3 may through reducing aggressive behavior in children also have long term effects on the whole family.

The recently published study on aggressive behavior in children has received some attention in the media lately. 200 children were recruited to participate in this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. The children were randomized to either receive a fruit juice rich in omega-3 (Recharge Omega-3) or the same fruit juice without the omega-3 for 6 months. The parents reported both mental and physical aggression towards children and between partners at the beginning of the study, after the 6-month intervention and again after 12 months.

The results from the study show that Recharge Omega-3 can provide long-term reduction in aggression and improved behavior in children. The researchers also found a correlation between the adults’ aggression and improvements in the children’s externalizing behavior. The results of the study suggest that improving children’s behavior through supplementing with omega-3 can have long-term effects on the whole family.

In an article on Nutra Ingredients, Harry Rice, PhD, VP of regulatory & scientific affairs for the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s commented that “This research is simple, yet really quite elegant. By improving a child’s behavior, the overall stress level in the household is decreased which leads to family members getting along better.”




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