Medical nutrition has an important role in the treatment of cancer patients. Good nutritional status is a prerequisite for successful treatment and optimal outcomes. A strong patient manages the often physically tough cancer treatment better and may avoid treatment delays and thereby improve chemotherapy effectiveness.

About Cancer and Cachexia

A weakened immune system and systemic inflammation are common in cancer patients. Inflammation occurs in the course of the disease. Chemotherapy itself can be exhausting for the body and contribute to inflammation and weakening of the immune system.

Approximately 30% of cancer patients have pre-cachexia or cachexia, and up to 80% of patients with advanced cancer have it. Cachexia is a disease defined as loss of muscle mass that cannot be reversed by diet alone. It is characterised by involuntary weight loss, muscle breakdown, lack of appetite and chronic nausea due to an underlying disorder like cancer. It is assumed to be the ultimate cause in up to 33% of all cancer deaths.

Smartfish medical nutrition products consist of carefully chosen ingredients aimed at addressing deficiencies that influence the underlying mechanisms of cachexia in cancer patients. The marine omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA have the ability to strengthen the immune response and have a normalizing effect on the inflammatory processes. In addition, EPA and DHA influence muscle protein synthesis, and may therefore contribute to prevent or delay muscle loss due to cachexia.

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