Smartfish is dedicated to the research and development of advanced nutrition solutions. Our strategy is to grow globally with a small, effective and agile organisation through strategic collaboration with leading R&D, manufacturing and distribution partners.

R&D, IP and product formulation and development
Smartfish focuses on the research and development of our products, including the discovery, pre-clinical and clinical work and active management of intellectual property rights. We own our technology platform, which is protected by patents and backed by clinical studies that demonstrate the efficacy of our products.

Smartfish is actively engaged in the validation part of the process – the clinical trials, the master dossier, regulatory compliance and quality documentation. Validation has been performed together with universities and institutions through scientific trials, where Smartfish has provided the product. Over the years, 40 clinical studies have been conducted involving Smartfish products. (Read more about this under ‘Clinical research and patents’)

Our manufacturing is managed by licensed, leading food-producing partners in close cooperation with Smartfish. We have well-functioning long-term partnerships with manufacturing companies for creams and drinks. Smartfish keeps tight control of key ingredient sourcing and product quality, as well as the structure, quality and design of the packaging.

Marketing and sales
Smartfish products are sold and marketed by leading distribution partners in their respective fields. With the global, regional and local presence of our partners, we can leverage our position and increase the speed of transition of our products from development to market.

Business model

Smartfish develops nutrition solutions based on our unique and patented emulsion technology. We have an international network of partners within research, production and distribution of our products, which is key to our success and future growth.

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Core technology