Smartfish’s strategy is to grow globally with a small, effective and agile organisation through strategic relationships with leading R&D, production and distribution partners. Our slim and flexible organisational structure reflects this strategy.

Today, the Smartfish staff consists of a small group of highly skilled people with ample experience from the life science business. Smartfish is a know-how and competence company. In order to deliver on our ambitious growth objectives, we will be strengthening our scientific, commercial and operational teams in 2021.

Smartfish offices
Our head office is located in Norway, at the Oslo Science Park, in inspiring and energising surroundings, well suited to our needs. We also have an office in the Medicon Village Innovation Centre in Lund, Sweden.

Research and development
Research and development are at the core of Smartfish. We collaborate with a network of scientific partners from around 50 universities and research hospitals, from which we draw important know-how and insights.

Manufacturing, sales and distribution
In production, marketing and sales, we work in close partnership with leading companies in their respective areas.

Smartfish has a well-established relationship of strategic cooperation with a qualified and knowledgeable Nordic food producer with flexible operations. Part of our development work is also performed in cooperation with this production partner. The cooperation includes a commitment to expanding production to match the growth of our business. Besides this, we have a manufacturing arrangement with a separate Nordic producer for our creamy emulsion product range.

We sell our products through marketing and distribution partners in five different markets, extending from Norway all the way to Hong Kong. In 2018 and early 2019, we established two strategic partnerships with leading players within the medical nutrition field and the consumer health field to expand the global marketing and sale of our products.

Board and Advisory Board
The Smartfish Board of Directors is very active and supports the company with in-depth knowledge in our field. Furthermore, our Scientific Advisory Board has world-leading specialists in cachexia and medical nutrition, and provides scientific advice and expertise to Smartfish’s research and development activities and portfolio.