The medical nutrition industry is where the consumer health and pharma industries and an evidence-based approach to nutrition development intersect. A number of global trends drive industry growth.

Smartfish is part of the medical nutrition industry. Our validated nutrition solutions target cancer and COPD-related pre-cachexia and cachexia. 

About the medical nutrition market
Medical nutrition products are specific nutritional compositions for use in disease progression and symptom alleviation. Medical nutrition has stricter requirements relating to medical evidence than consumer health products do, but, especially what regards disease-specific products, it also commands premium pricing.

The global medical nutrition industry is a €10-billion industry. As the various positive effects of medical nutrition solutions are becoming more evident, the industry is developing fast. Also, there is a strong trend towards tailor-made nutritional solutions. As a result, the market for medical nutrition shows an annual growth rate of 6.4% [1].

There are several other underlying driving forces behind strong growth:

• a globally aging population
• rising awareness about health and nutrition
• the rising incidence of chronic diseases requiring nutritional support
• investment in R&D and an increasing preference for clinical evidence
• strong growth in emerging markets
• opportunity for reimbursement in western countries when strong clinical evidence is available
• the tradition and willingness in the Asian markets to pay for such products out of pocket.

Smartfish targets cachexia patients
Smartfish’s REMUNE is a targeted oral nutrition supplement specifically formulated to address the underlying mechanism of action in cachexia. We have an evidence-based strategy currently focusing on the unmet medical needs of pre-cachexia and cachexia indications in oncology and COPD.

Cancer Cachexia
Cachexia occurs in approximately 30–50% of all cancer patients, depending on type and stage (up to 86% of advanced cancer patients), creating approximately a 3-million annual incident patient population in the US, Europe and Japan.

COPD Cachexia
Worldwide, more than 210 million people suffer from COPD, of which an estimated 5–15% also suffer from cachexia.


The consumer health industry is growing, fuelled by demands from an aging population, health-focused consumers, and growing wealth in emerging markets.

About the consumer health market
Consumer health covers a wide range of categories and products, none of which are generally reimbursed by healthcare systems. Smartfish nutrition solutions currently target four different segments in the consumer health market:

• healthy growing – giving children an optimal nutritional foundation for healthy growing
• healthy aging – providing the elderly population with the opportunity to have an active and healthy life
• metabolic health – addressing metabolic syndrome and people at risk of type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
• sports nutrition – addressing professional and amateur athletes’ need for improved


recovery and performance.

Market size
The global consumer health market is estimated to be worth €217 billion and is growing at a rate of 7.5% [2]. The global sports nutrition market is a subset of the global consumer health market and is estimated at €10 billion, with a CAGR of 9% [4].

Market trends
A number of strong trends drive demand for consumer health products:

- a global trend of aging populations
- falling birth rates and increased attention being paid to children’s health
- increasingly competitive schools and workplaces, with a greater consciousness of brain health for children
- the Asian market’s increasing wealth and strong tradition of nutrition in disease management and out-of-pocket purchases combined with an increased demand for European and American products
- a rapidly growing awareness of the role of nutrition in sports performance and recovery for both professional and amateur athletes.
In addition, food scandals, climate change and easier access to information and dissemination of news have increased the requirements for accountability and the demand for clinically documented, healthy and sustainable products.

Smartfish consumer health market strategy
Strategic partnering with leading companies in food and consumer health is at the heart of Smartfish’s consumer health strategy. With selected partners, we strive for deeper penetration of existing markets, as well as rapid geographical expansion. Together with our partners, we also develop new products that target specific indications with broad potential.

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