The Smartfish technology platform delivers omega-3-enriched nutritional drinks with superior taste and health benefits. Our technology is supported by rigorous science; Smartfish has been tested in many clinical trials and studies.

The fundamental characteristics of our fruit-based emulsion technology are:

  • the ability it demonstrates in distributing and integrating key health-promoting ingredients in the human body
  • the clinical effects it is observed to have when the individual nutrients are assembled in the Smartfish emulsion.

The advantages of Smartfish 

Better omega-3 incorporation and nutrient uptake
Our patented technology creates health benefits. It secures superior integration and distribution of omega-3. In addition, the synergistic effects of the formulation, make the ingredients work better together and contribute to improved efficacy.

Superior taste
The drink emulsions contain over 80% juice from fruits and berries creating a base for highly accepted drinks with a superior taste and smoothie-like texture. We completely avoid artificial sweeteners, artificial colours and preservatives in our drinks. The superior taste of Smartfish products is well accepted across different age groups, cultures and target markets.

Our products are clinically tested, and all health benefit claims for Smartfish products are supported by science. In particular, cachexia patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and cancer have seen positive effects with Smartfish products in clinical trials.

Other clinically documented evidence includes:

  • Smartfish works better than capsules in terms of the omega-3/omega-6 index
  • reduced inflammation
  • improved muscle function
  • reduced fatigue
  • reduced dyspnoea
  • improved quality of life
  • faster recovery after exercise
  • improved attention


Smartfish drinks are composed of omega-3, protein, vitamin D and antioxidant-rich juice, and in some cases additional ingredients. By combining all these building blocks in one palatable nutrition drink, Smartfish has managed to create a superior formula for patients and healthy individuals in need of nutrients.

Some of the benefits of the ingredients:

  • The beneficial effects of omega-3 are well-documented. Its anti-inflammatory properties together with anti-catabolic effects contribute to its efficacy in patients with cachexia. Published data on omega-3 has also shown it to have an effect on various cancers, metabolic diseases and COPD.
  • Proteins are the building blocks in muscle anabolism and are therefore important in any condition where muscle wasting is a part of the disease.
  • Vitamin D and the antioxidants from the juice are also anti-inflammatory. In addition, vitamin D has been shown to have beneficial effects in cases of COPD and other inflammatory diseases.

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